What is this all about?
Individualism, as I define it, is a political philosophy that places the individual human being as sovereign. Each individual should have full dominion over their own decisions, and be responsible for the consequences of their actions. Individualism is specifically not collectivism, which is the political philosophy that places the abstract concept of the “collective” as sovereign. In this sense, it states that every human being has a small ownership claim of every other human being, and that we all are compelled by nature to submit to the political superorganism, which is of greater value than our individual selves. Individualism rejects this garbage. It is about you being you, for your own reasons, and without apology or explanation to anyone. It is about practicing freedom in an unfree world, and encouraging others to do the same.

Why is your website so simple?
I have made a bunch of websites for various purposes for various projects. I chose an extremely minimalist design aesthetic because it mirrors the core message I want to spread with this content. Liberty is not complicated; it is simply individuals deciding for themselves how to live their lives and get their needs and desires accomplished. It is freedom, which is truly black and white.

As Nietzsche said about the state, “They muddy the waters to make it seem deep.”

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