Lysander Spooner Was Right

The Constitution is used and abused to the benefit of most all major political movements, regardless of their moral principles. I use two passages from Lysander Spooner’s seminal 1867 text “No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority” to make the claim that the Constitution is an anti-freedom document. It is a Trojan horse designed to wrap rights protection in a cloak of rights violation and deprivation. The conservatives, who so tightly cling to the Constitution as a source of liberty, will loosen that grip when the mask is fully removed, which will manifest in the police confiscating their weapons upon threat of the barrel and the bayonet. Without getting into the minutiae of the constitution itself, I make the claim that this document never served a legitimate purpose, and if anything at all, facilitated the current tyranny we are experiencing.

*Also I want to correct a statement I made in this video. I described the Anti-Federalist Paper entitled “The Hobgoblins of Anarchy” as Anti-Federalist Paper No. 1, when it is actually No. 6. Audio reading of Anti-Federalist Paper No. 6:

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