Your Friends Will Turn Against You

I break down a personal experience on a social media platform in which my opposition to lockdowns was met with name-calling, shaming, accusations of racism, selfishness, etc. The “new normal” is believing the state is the end-all be-all of problem solving. The narrative is now that anyone who does not completely conform to or publicly support lockdowns is the enemy. If we are to win this battle for individual rights, we can not cower down to shaming, even from people who know and love us for many years. When your friends (well, the ones you thought were your friends) begin to turn against you for not pushing state propaganda as truth, you know what side of history you will be fighting for. Let’s hope the fight is rhetorical and intellectual, rather than bloody. But either way, the time to figure out which hills you are willing to die on is NOW. Do not submit, do not comply, do not sell out your freedom for the trojan horse of authoritarian control. Mourn the loss of your friends who have joined the cult. Forgive them for they know not what they do.

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